• For Toast Style, Roll, Bun and Sandwich Bread with the high protein, gluten, water absorption, and energy content.
  • Homogeneous and thin pore structure.
  • Easy processing and kneading of the dough.
  • Desired crust structure and colour quality.
  • High volume expansion.
  • Late staling properties.


  • For French Baguette, Batard and Pan Bread with moderate strengt, protein and energy values.
  • Homogeneous and thin pore structure.
  • Good volume and internal structure.
  • Crisp crust and desired colour quality.
  • Late staling properties.


  • For Flat Breads, such as Arabic (Pitta), Chapati, Roti, and Tandoori with the moderate protein and gluten content.
  • Excellent elasticity and elongation.
  • Resistance against tearing.
  • Easy processing.
  • Desired darker colour.
  • Late staling.
  • Rich nutritious properties.

PACKAGING 20-25-50 Kgs Kraft Paper / Polypropylene Bags